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Auto Literature Center (excerpt from ad copy written for Information Central)

Chevrolet Camaro
Sexy new version of the sports car you’ve dreamed of over the years. It’s still fun to drive with new standards for quality, safety and value. Standard dual air bags and theft-deterrent system. Dent resistant and rigid structure that helps eliminate squeaks and rattles. You already know it looks good and drives great. Free booklet.

Toyota Supra
Exotic luxury is yours. Racetrack inspired styling with elegance. Precise handling, spectacular performance, impeccable ergonomics and safety features. Timeless purity and purpose, yet state-of-the-art engineering. Comfortable, convenient interior. Bold exterior. Free brochure.

Pontiac Firebird
Advanced safety and engineering in an exciting, affordable car. Aerodynamic design that looks good while enhancing your performance. Cockpit interior makes you feel like you’re flying in your hot new sports car. Here’s your chance to be the envy of the neighborhood! Free brochure describes all.

Porsche Carrera 911
Elite of the European road-handling cars, 911’s have been blowing other race cars off the road for over 30 years now. The very essence of what a sports car should be, the Carrera powers through turns at mind-blowing speeds. Precision, beauty, high-performance. Free hard-back color book.

Dream Vacations (excerpt from ad copy written for Information Central)

Step into a 19th century romantic novel. Come experience the ancient birthplace of good times. Drink in the Irish. Take in views that inspired poets. Watch a day go by in perfect relaxation. Look at skies that tumble on forever. The magnificent Irish welcome you. Free Irish vacation kit.

Puerto Rico
Where Old World charm and hospitality meet exotic tropical beaches you find Puerto Rico. Explore rain forests, hike mountains, swim in azure waters, shop and fiesta in exciting cities and towns. Rich with history and Latin culture, it’s a vacation paradise. Free brochure.

A country with everything. The rugged Outback teems with desert life. Thousands of miles of white sandy coastline and the Great Barrier Reef are waiting for you. Lush tropical rain forests and beautiful waterfalls abound. Or how about a night on the town in Sydney? Full-color magazine $1.

Pink coral beaches, secluded cottages along country lanes, twinkling oceans beckon you to enjoy the carefree relaxing island. Bermuda’s people make you feel at home, happy to share their lovely country. Sports, sightseeing, shopping. It’s all yours in Bermuda. Free brochure.


      Splish Slash (excerpt from article published in the Daily Texan)
Scuba divers find a different world in Central Texas
By Kat Bussey
Daily Texan Staff

  Splash! Drifting deeper, you slip down into darker, cooler water where you see fish darting between the rocks, unafraid of you.
  You, too are unafraid because you can breathe easily like the fish. When you surface from your dive, perhaps half an hour later, you feel peaceful and eager to return to that quiet, floating world.
  This is the three-dimensional world open to those who have been certified to scuba dive.
  “It’s the closest thing to flying on earth,” said Jim Strohm, dive control specialist.
Scuba diving was pioneered by Jacques Cousteau in 1945. The crude Aqualung he invented and manufactured in no way resembles the equipment used today, said Tracey Davenport, advanced open water scuba instructor and 17-year diving veteran.
  Scuba diving is a sport almost anyone can participate in easily, Strohm said. And considering that Central Texas is the third hottest spot in the nation for diving, after California and Florida, it is even more appealing…

      Beat the Heat (excerpt from article published in the Daily Texan)
Austin-area swimming holes have everything you need this summer
By Kat Bussey
Summer in Austin Staff
Special to the Daily Texan

  Wondering how to survive the 100-degree heat in Austin this summer? It's easy. Austin and the surrounding Hill Country are famous for their many swimming holes, rivers and lakes.
  Perhaps the most famous swimming spot in town is Barton Springs in Zilker Park. It is open year round due to the fact that its spring-fed water remains at a constant 68 degrees. There is a $1.75 admission charge, but due to its large size, Barton Springs does not generally get uncomfortably crowded. The pool is open from 8  a.m. until 9:45 p.m. every day except Monday and Thursday when it closes at 7:30 p.m.
  There are several swimming holes upstream from Barton Springs along the Barton Creek greenbelt. About a mile upstream is Campbell's Hole, which is accessible from Spyglass Road. Gus Fruth Park, which boasts deep pools as well as white water, is accessible after a rugged hike from Barton Skyway…
      Doing Austin (excerpt from article published in the Daily Texan)
Tourism’s a cure for the summertime blues
By Kat Bussey
Summer in Austin Staff
Special to the Daily Texan

  Summer’s here and you’re already bored. After that one class a day, it seems there’s nothing to do except sit around watching game shows and soap operas.
If you’re new in the area, you will find Austin to be an interesting place—for about two weeks. Then the novelty wears off, and you find yourself in the same rut with a lot of other students. But there's a whole world out there that many students never pay attention to.
  You may have noticed that Austin is a haven for tourists. By exploring well-trampled paths, students can find a sure-fire way to beat the summertime blues. Best of all, most of the attractions are free.
  One of the most obvious things to see around town is the state Capitol building. It is conveniently located near campus, so you don’t need a car to get there. If you don't know anything about Texas, you should take the tour offered there. After all, you're at college to learn. Aren't you?…